Russian Volume versus Individual Eyelash Extensions….Unpacking the realities, with Eyecandy’s award-winning lash expert, Joanna Kasprzak:

  1. What is unique about each technique – Russian Volume and Individual Eyelash Extensions?

They are both special and will have a unique look for every customer. Individual and Russian Volume Lash Technicians play with various styles e.g. working with different curl patterns, lengths and thickness, depending on the customer’s natural lashes and expectations- every look is unique and suitable for long term or occasional wearing. With other versions such as cluster or strip lashes, there isn’t much control over the end result.
For the Individual method we use thicker lashes (0.3 to 0.1mm) one to one, which means that we apply one silk lash to each of the client’s natural lashes. Infills are usually required after 3 weeks.
Russian Volume is a little bit of a different story, we are dealing with extremely fine mink lashes (0.03 to 0.07mm) and we, technicians, are creating the “fans” ourselves – 2D, 3D all the way up to 8D for the super dramatic look. This method lasts up to 5weeks, infills recommended after 4 weeks to fill gaps.

  1. Who is the ideal client for Russian Volume technique? 

This method is absolutely the trend these days and we recommend it to someone who is looking for a beautiful, full, fluffy finish. Russian Volume is perfect for the client who has gaps on the natural lash line or who doesn’t have that many lashes. We are reaching for a real volume effect with this method. Could be very dramatic, but can also be applied to look natural, if that’s the client’s request- everything depends on the quality of the lashes and the creative flare of the lash technician.

  1. Who is the ideal client for the Individual technique?

Individual extension is so classic. Great for someone who has lots of lashes already, but maybe they are too short, too straight or maybe you simply want to get rid of using mascara every morning! The aim with this method is a very natural look but also a beautiful, glamorous mascara effect.

  1. Which lashes last longer or creates the illusion of lasting longer?

Definitely Russian Volume creates this illusion of lasting longer. This is because of the “fans” we (Technicians) create and apply to the client’s lashes. We need also understand that our lashes have a 6-week life cycle – they shed every 6 weeks. Don’t panic, this is a completely natural process. The longevity of extensions, therefore, also depends on the current age of the lashes we extend.

  1. Can you give a snippet of your unique method of application, and why your clients are always so satisfied? 

This is easy. Every eye is different and it’s essential to listen to what the customer wants. Then it’s just about playing with all the curls, thickness of lashes to create perfect stylization. You can be creative – I am not scared of mixing methods if this helps me to reach customer expectations and hear this magic “wow!” at the end of the treatment.

  1. Lastly, what are your thoughts/warnings on eyelash extensions in general? 

Where to start? First of all remember that this beautiful and luxurious treatment is completely safe if it’s done properly. Technicians should protect baby lashes – this is crucial for healthy application. Ultimately, the client is the one who must conduct research into the right salon. You’ve actually just found one – Eyecandy! Well done!

Joanna Kasprzak is Eyecandy’s award-winning, fully certified Senior Lash Technician who keeps updated on various modern trends and techniques in the Lash industry. She regularly attends Lash Extensions workshops and competitions within the UK and across Eastern Europe. She is also a Lash Extensions trainer in various methods, including the fur mink method.