Classic and Volume Lashes

Are you tired of layering on mascara to give you the illusion of lash volume and length? Our eyelash extensions are the perfect way to get the luscious lashes you’ve always dreamed of without needing a lick of make-up. If you’re new to lashes, why not try a half-set – you’ll never go without after that!

Whether you’re a lash addict or a lash novice, we have just the most passionate Lash technicians to help you define your lash journey.

Classic Lashes

These are the most natural-looking eyelash extensions, and perfect for your first set. Rather than a “wow” factor, these lashes will gently enhance your current eyelashes for a chic day-to-day look.

These lashes are perfect for you if you have a decent amount of healthy lashes, with perhaps a few gaps in the lash line. They are applied 1:1, which means one lash extension is attached to one of your natural lashes, giving you extra length and volume.

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume Lashes are for those out there that like to bat their eyelashes at the world! Ideal for those of you who have sparse natural lashes, these have a more robust and slightly longer-lasting bond than classic lashes. Add as much volume as you dare!

Starting at 3D (where three lash extensions are applied to each natural lash), Russian Volume Lashes go up to 12D (12 extensions per eyelash) for a bold, full and extravagant look.

Why Eyecandy?

Our award-winning lash technicians are highly skilled in lash extensions, and we maintain a five-star lash extension rating. We fully customise the process to your wishes and requirements, and we’ll give our professional advice to recommend the best lash extensions for you!

One of the most common myths is that lash extensions are harmful to your natural lashes, but there is no evidence to support this claim. Our professional lash experts ensure that your natural lash remains healthy and is not damaged in any way by applied extensions. Still unsure? Visit Eyecandy for a free consultation with one of our lash specialists.