Intimate Waxing

Get three to four weeks of smooth, hair-free skin with our intimate waxing services. Fast and convenient, waxing is kinder to the skin and leaves it less susceptible to irritation often found with shaving. By removing the hair at the root, you can avoid red bumps, shaving rash and ingrown hairs – it’s a no-brainer!

Hollywood wax

The Hollywood wax removes all hair from the intimate area, from front to back, leaving a smooth, clean look.

Brazilian wax

For those that prefer a little hair remaining, the Brazilian wax also removes hair from front to back but leaves a strip of hair.

Why wax with Eyecandy?

At Eyecandy we use premium multi-flex, hot, hard wax; this strip-free wax is our choice for intimate areas because it is much kinder to the skin. As it remains flexible throughout the process, it quickly and easily lifts hair in an almost-painless procedure. In fact, our customers have described the process as “painless”, “quick” and “thorough” – read our reviews to find out more.

Our professional beauticians have many years of experience in intimate waxing, so they will make the experience as pleasant as possible. We proudly maintain a five-star rating for Hollywood and Brazilian waxes, so why not book an appointment today?